Dpns...what's your favorite brand?/

I have used dpns in the past but never enough that I cared about the quality of the dpn I’m using…I have three sets of Brittany dpns (sizes 0-2) and a couple of random sizes of clover takumi needles (6,7,8). I’m starting to really like working w/ dpns and I’m thinking that the takumi needles seem to cause too much friction for my likings…I don’t know if I want to go over to aluminum though… Do you guys have a brand of dpns that you really enjoy using that seem to be pretty “slick”?

I don’t really have a favorite, but for slick any metal will be a huge difference from the brittanys.

thanks Kemp!

I just bought some Crystal Palace DPNs and I love them. They don’t seem to bend as much as the Takumi needles (so far).

I don’t have a particular brand (we can’t be that choosy over here in NZ as we don’t really get the good brands in stores here from what I’ve seen)… however, I will ONLY knit with metal DPN’s. I hate any other kind – and the tips have to be somewhat thin and pointy, which makes it easier to get into those tight stitches for little garments.

I wish we had as many options over here as back home in the states for needles. Trying to find any really GOOD quality needles over here is next to impossible. You’d have to ship them in from the states and the postage alone is enough to make one think twice about that.

I really like my Options. Very slick.

I typically do not like the “clanking” sound aluminum needles make; however, I prefer to use the Susan Bates Silvalume DPNs. My stitches glide right off. Plus, you can buy them just about anywhere and they are very reasonably priced. I think I got a set of 3’s at Hobby Lobby for around $4 for a pack of four.

cool…thanks guys! I may try some of the options and I think I have a set of silvalumes laying around that I’ve never even opened…I think I bought them and then found out they were the wrong size. So far–I have found that I love using shorter dpns like 6 or 7"–I haven’t found anything that I needed longer dpns for b/c if it’s larger in diameter, I typically use a circular needle. I don’t make a lot of adult hats–perhaps they would be easier on longer dpns…mostly I’ve used them for socks and hats for dd so I’m always working in really small diameter…

I mostly have Susan Bates DPNs (I use aluminum because I’m a fairly tight knitter) but I got some Addi steel DPNs in the really small sizes for working on socks. I love them!

I also have a set of bamboo DPNs from Valley Yarns (WEBS brand) that I like for working with slicker yarns in that gauge. So I’m not ruling out the wood, I just prefer metal.

For dpns I really like bamboos. I feel like I’ve got a little more control because they’re not slipping and sliding all over the place. They’re not as fast as the metal but thats ok, I’d rather knit a little slower and keep all my stitches.

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Nadja xxx

I’m with Nadja- I prefer the bamboos because they don’t slide around. I haven’t done much with DPNs yet, but what little I have done I was always afraid of losing the needles I wasn’t working with at the time… I have some plastic ones (don’t know the brand) and I hate them. :slight_smile:

You know, Cristy, I guess it depends on how you knit. Are you a tight or loose knitter?

Because I’m a tight knitter, I really don’t like to knit with wood/bamboo. The stitches just don’t slide very easily. That’s why the metal works better for me.

You know, I’ve never seen DPN’s any longer than 7 or 8 inches in the store. If it wasn’t for you lot saying “shorter is easier” and the woman I work with bringing in loooong DPN’s I wouldn’t even know they existed!

For socks, I prefer the Brittany 5" dpns. I have a set of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I snapped the 1’s a week ago and requested a replacement which I’ll probably get in a couple of weeks. I also have Option 7" in 0, 1, 2, 3. very nice but because I’m a tight knitter (that’s why I snap the birches), my hand tend to ache if I do a lot of knitting and my fingertips hurt from the sharp points of the Options. However, if you’re doing a lacy pattern with lots ofo k2tog, ssk, etc. those Option points cant be beat.

I tend to be a tight knitter too–I’m just not sure if knit tight enough for metal–that’s why I was asking about “slick” wooden dpns…

I haven’t really ever seen any longer than 8" myself…but even the difference between a 7" and 6" seems drastic to me.

I like the Options also but for a bamboo needle the best luck I have had was the Crystal Palace DPN’s.