DPN's v Circulars

Does anyone prefer to use DPN’s over circulars even for larger diameter knitting?

Do you? I’m rather new at knitting, but I wouldn’t dream of it. I did my first pair of slippers recently and I didn’t have the right size circular, so I made size 11 dpn’s out of dowels like Amy’s video says, and I did them, it worked, but the next pair I did on circular, and comparatively it was a breeze!

I just started a vest that’s on single point 6’s and I’m wishing I had my set of Denise’s circulars that I ordered already. I hate knitting with the long sticks! I’d prefer something on DPN’s than long sticks. I guess I hold my right elbow out too much, and it gets tired.

For what it’s worth, that’s a green knitter’s opinion!


I’m new too, but I was curious as to other’s opinions. I’ll probably end up working on DPN’s rather than circs, mainly because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy circs cuz I’m saving up to get a bamboo circ interchangeable set. Though maybe I will buy one set of circs for the size that I use most.

I didn’t think the dpn’s were that much less expensive than circ’s (unless you make them). I just ordered the Denise interchangeables. I hope I like them.

i prefer circs to dpns. jouf --you’ll love the denise interchangeables, i think. i do!

I know the price of DPN v circ should be close, but I don’t need multiple sets of circs if I am getting the bamboo set. I’ll need the DPN’s anyways for the smaller decrases and such. Maybe I’ll knit my first hat on DPN to fully get them under control and go from there.

I prefer dpn to circs… though they are more complicated to manage, it just feels more right to me. I’m working on a hat with circs now, and it is nice… but I can’t wait to switch down to dpn for the decreasing part of the project.

I guess one of the things I like is that as long as you’ve got enought dpns, you don’t have to worry about cord length like circs… they can support a large diameter or a small diameter depending on how many needles you’ve got going on.

And besides, it looks cooler when you knit on many needles in front of people :slight_smile:

I’ve been using dpn’s, and last night finished a bag I was doing on circ’s. I have to say that I was longing for some DPN’s. They don’t feel clumsy at all to me, and I also like to have the stopping points at the end of each needle as opposed to crap slipping off the circ everytime I stop. (I have to stop alot to take care of the wee’uns.)

I’m seriously rethinking my plans to buy an interchangable circ set. (I still may just to use for flat pieces…but there is a certain charm to a big old bamboo needle. :lol:)