DPN's to Circs?

Hi all! I want to make a pair of wrist warmers. The pattern is written for 32 stitches cast on to DPN’s and then split up 12,12,8 on three needles. The pattern has cables in it that are worked over the second set of 12 stitches on the second DPN. If I want to do this on two circular needles, I end up with only the first 4 stitches for the cable on one needle and the last 8 on the other. This works out for most rows in the cable chart except for the two with a Cr3 (rows 1 and 5 of the chart). Can I still make a cable when the stitches to be cabled are on two different needles like that or should I be distributing my stitches differently then just half and half? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

ETA here is the link to the pattern…

You don’t have to split the sts exactly in half when you do 2 circs. You can put 12 on one needle and 20 on the other. That should allow you to do the cables all on one needle.

Cool thanks so much for the quick response! I figured as much but being new to knitting and all…well I’m sure you get it. LOL

You can change things in knitting to whatever suits you. Nothing bad happens if you use circs instead of dpns, or adjust the sts so it works out right for your knitting technique.

My first though was (no need for a cable needle or stitch holder to do the cables) but :think: deeper though made me doubt my leap of intuition.

Can you split up the first set of 12 stitches to keep it even? I often move my join after the first round. If there is no cable in the first set of 12, then it could be split between the needles on the second time around. Just put a stitch marker at the join for counting rows (if you do move the join to mid needle).

The important points are to not get lost within the row (a cable makes a nice visible anchor or marker) nor to loose track what row number you are on in the repeating pattern. I find stitch markers (or loops of yarn in contrasting colors) a great aide for these purposes.

:think: I’m still thinking two circulars give you a flexibility with that cable but I’d have to try it first. So, pretend I didn’t mention it. ok? :wink:

Is this the pattern? http://slumberland.org/wp/2005/11/08/pattern-warm-braid-cable-wristwarmers/ Your link doesn’t work, but I found this one and it seems to match the sts and their distribution.

It’s a braided cable and the cables crosses use all 12 sts -
“Round 1: Cr3L, Cr3R, Cr3L, P3” So they need to be separate.

Yeah that’s the one. Please forgive my technical ignorance!:aww:

With two circular needles you don’t need a cable needle, you can used the point from the needle not being used.

I never even thought of that!!!

Yep, you can use anything for a cable needle, paperclip, chopstick or skewer, a spare dpn. It just has to be smaller than the needles you’re knitting with.

I’m so glad you said chopstick lol… my partner mocked me for days because I was using a chopstick instead of the fancy cable needles I bought ;o)

Check the thread on Knit Tips and Tricksand you will see that just about any thing at hand has been used as cable needles. Necessity is the mother of invention. If the only thing you have is a ball point pen pull the ink insert out, just don’t write on you yarn.