DPNs sizes

I’m planning to get some dpns… and wondering which size i should buy…

i was looking through the forum and some ppl said you’ll need all the sizes anyways…

but do i really need sizes 0-11 or more?

I really think it depends on what types of projects you will be knitting on the needles. I ordered a package of 11 sets of bamboo dpns on Ebay. There were five needles in each set. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for them, but I remember that the shipping was more than the needles! I have been completely satisfied with them.

Yes, it depends on the projects. If you plan on making socks, then you need the tiny ones. If you want them for worsted-weight yarn, you’ll need the middle ones; bulky, the large ones.
Unless you plan on doing lots of projects that require different sizes, I’d suggest buying as you go. I have a pretty full set, but there are some that I’ve never used.:shrug:

I posted this in another thread, but I’ll post it here too. You can get 14 sets of DPNs through Amazon for $25.

thanks a lot!

You need all the sizes that you’ll use.
I often switch sweater arms to in the round, that means either DPNs or magic loop, since I prefer DPNs I need them.
Any size you’ll be using on a hat you’ll need DPNs or magic loop for the same reason.

My socks are thick wool so I don’t need 0-2, if I get them it will be purely out of OCD.

I knit socks, lots of socks. I bought the sock dpn set from KP it has 2.mm up to 3.25mm and those are pretty much all I use. I have other sizes that have been picked up over the years at yard sales etc. Some of the larger sizes 7-10.5 have never been opened, but I never know if I might need them someday.