DPNs or Two Circular Needles?

Hi all, I am relatively new to knitting and have run into a bit of a snag: I don’t really like DPNs. I hope to one day conquer them, but today is not that day. So what I need to know is this:
When working a hat on circular needles and I have decreased as far as I can, is it possible to slip half the stitches to another circular instead of using DPNs? I would appreciate any input!

(Sorry if this is redundant to any previous question, I could not find any topics on this using the search function)

Yes it’s possible. You can find a video on how to do it in the Advanced Techniques in the Video section on this site.
This is a direct link to the video.

No need to slip. Just work them over as you go.

personally I like the 2 circular method much better as long as you have 2 circulars with the same needle size. Of course if you’re doing decreases you may need to use stitch markers.

Thank you all for your input!:thumbsup:

I was going to say what Mike said. :slight_smile: Sure two circulars work well for the top of hats. I do it that way sometimes, but I think I prefer dpns. I don’t know why. My DH who has only made hats in the round as his whole knitting experience likes the two circulars best.