DPN's or circular? *Hat question*

I am attempting my first hat and the pattern I have calls for circular needles but asks you to switch to DPN’s to finish it. Is it possible to just keep using the circ. needle?

The book I am using is called itty-bitty hats by Susan B Anderson
Simple baby cap 1 on page 54 however I will be increasing the stitches to make the hat for an adult.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

What I found is that as you decrease for the top of the hat, there are too few stitches to go around the circular, so you have to swits to dpn’s. It is not hard, if I can do it, you can, too.

i have always knit hats on 29 to 32 inch circ’s.

this size is too small for a proper ‘magic loop’ and too big (even for my bowling ball sized head.

but you can do a sort of half magic loop…
and eventually work down to real magic loop (or do the opposite, start the hat at crown using a circ in a magic loop, and as more and more stitches get added, change to half magic loop.

some knitters find this uncomfortable… but i love not having to change needles (before i had a huge selection of circs, i used to knit on DPN (–sometimes using 6, or 7 not the more standard 3 (4) or 4(5)…

i used to lose DPN’s… so i have several ‘sets’ that have 2 pink (aluminum) ones, 2 blue and 2 silver… (a set of 6 in one size)

they started out as 3 sets of 4 needle…and now of 12 origninal needles, all i have are 6… (i have been knitting a long time!)

I do what Troy does… I use 24" for hats and do the half loop to start out until I get a few rows done, then the stitches will fit around without stretching. When I get up to the top, I do the half loop again, but do have to switch to full on ML when I get less than 20 sts on.

I am at the same part of my hat as you. I have 21 stitches left. I dont know quite what to to either. Maybe we can finish togther?