DPN's or Circs?

When knitting a sock, would you recommend using DPN’s or circs? I prefer DPN’s, but I would like to know your opinion. Thanks in advance! :woot:

A friend helped me cast on my first PAIR of socks yesterday on Magic Loop. So my vote would me circs … I’ve never done socks before but from what I’ve read here I was afraid of the “2nd sock syndrome.” (You get the first sock done then don’t go back and finish the 2nd one.) So I figured I may as well bite the bullet and go ahead and try the 2 at a time method. My LYS is having a toe up sock class in March (I hope) - 2 at a time - that I want to take.

thank you soooo much!! i will try it :knitting: Keep on knitting!

It’s mostly a personal preference. If you like dpns, use them, but you can certainly try out using ML with circs to see if you like that too.

I completely agree with suzeeq.

I started off using DPNs, but one day had an urge to try Magic Loop and I haven’t gone back.
If you’re in the mood to try out new methods, definitely give 2 circs or ML a try. :thumbsup:


I’ve only done socks on DPNs, if I work on socks again I’ll probably try magic loop. I think it is personal preference, but in general I prefer circs because they’re easier to work with.

I like doing socks on two circular needles at the moment, but I have done them on DPNs. It’s personal preference - there really isn’t one best way to do it. :wink:

BTW…I know you’re very young, how old were you when you started knitting? I’m asking because you seem so knowledgeable for a young person. :yay:

thank you for saying that, but I learned to knit 3 months ago!!! :roflhard: i read alot about knitting because I didn’t understand a lot of context on sites like this. :teehee: