This is my first time using DPN’s - I am making the Lucy bag - and I feel like I’m wrestling with the dang things! I have watched the video on the site using only three. The pattern says to use four and I am completely lost. Is there a trick to it?

It gets better after you’ve knit an inch or so. Or you could try 2 circular needles…


When you say ‘use 4’ do you mean your stitches are on 4 and you use a 5th to knit with? If the stitches fit, you could use 3 for the stitches and use the 4th to knit with.

It starts with 8 stitches, and says to divide on four needles. I am ready to tear my hair out with these things!

I bet the next row is to increase in each stitch? You can cheat, which we all do at times, and knit all 8 on one needle, divide them up, then join. Or you can knit all 8 and do the increase on one needle, then divide them up and join. It’s easier to put them on multiple needles when there’s more stitches on each needle. Make sure you leave enough of a tail to sew up the one or two rows where you knit it flat. You’ll probably need some to cinch up the teeny hole which woulda been there even if you managed to put the CO sts on all 4 needles.


Well, about an hour, several restarts and a glass of wine later, the needles and I finally came to a meeting of the minds! I actually got the bag on the circulars this morning - amen and hallelujah! Thanks.