Dpns confusion

okay, I think I got confused with which direction my knitting should producing. It seems to be forcing itself downward but I had my mind set that it would be knitting out the other way, for some reason… My work has all the little v stitches on the outside of the tube and little - nubs on the inside of the tube… is this right? if so :cheering: but if not :crying: oh and the stitches aren’t twisted… I just had to position them that way so you can see the outside of the tube.

It looks fine to me. DPNs are just like knitting with circulars; it forms stockinette when all stitches are knit. If you want the v’s to be on the inside, then you’d have to purl all sts and all rows. (or invert the work upon completion :thinking:) Your stitches don’t look twisted to me. Did you right them before you took the pic? So if your sts are coming up twisted, my first guess is that you’re knitting by wrapping clockwise :??

But really though, the work in the pic looks fine to me…

no, they aren’t twisting at all… I was just saying if they looked that way from the angle… and I’ve never knitted on circs… this is my first time on dpns and I knew they knitted up stockinette, it’s just that I couldn’t remember if the v’s were on the outside…

so W00T! :happydance: Thank you!!!

Yep :thumbsup: You got it!!! :sunglasses: