DPNS Are Kicking My Butt

I am trying to start a sock but these dpns are getting the best of me. I don’t think I doing the join right, and somehow I keep gaining or losing a stitch someplace. I’ve started and frogged this about a half dozen times already.

I’m going to keep trying to figure it out, but I am definitely doing something wrong.

Are you casting all of your stitches on one needle?
I prefer using two circs for socks, but if I do use dpns, I cast all of my stitches on one needle and then slip stitches to 2 more needles, distributing evenly.

When I cast onto dpns for socks, I generally add one more stitch to the first needle. ( if the pattern calls for 12 stitches on each needle, then CO 13 on the first needle) Then to join, I slip the first stitch from needle 1 onto needle 4 and then slip the first stitch from needle 4 over the needle 1 stitch.

You should then end up with the right number of stitches on all four needles.

Hope this makes sense.

Are you working with little bitty dpns, i.e, 1s or 2s? It might be better to try a pair of house socks with bigger dpns for a starter project.

Good luck. I know you’ll work it out.


DPN’s start out uncomfortable, but not for long. Soon you’ll be knitting away! Hey-does any of your driving take you to the east coast?

I am using worsted weight and size 6 needles per Silver’s sock class.

I cast on 40 stitches onto one needle and then slipped then purl-wise onto the other two needles. so that I have 14 12 14 on the needles.

I started doing the K2 P2 on the last cast on stitch and worked around to the first cast on stitch. I tried to make that first knit stitch really tight but there is still a gap between the first and last cast on stitches. I’m sure I did something wrong.

If I have to frog it again I’ll try casting on that extra stitch and slipping them as described.

I am not that adept with double pointed needles yet, (and I think I prefer 2 circs) but I remember someone mentioning that knitting a few rows first, before joining in the round, not only helped to avoid twisted stitches, it also helped to get that 1st round going. It really helped me. It only leaves you with a tiny seam to sew at the end. It was soooo much easier that way!
I haven’t tried socks yet, but I’ve got some sock yarn coming in the mail, and I’m going to try them soon!
Good luck!

Are you just knitting or did you join the first and last stitch. I’m pretty sure you have to join them somehow.

I’ve never had a problem with the ladders in my socks. Sometimes they seem to show up, but by the time I’ve knitted a few more rows the gap seems to close up. I’ve also heard that once you finish the sock and wash it, the stitches will even out and the ladder will disappear. I don’t know from personal experience with that one, tho’. Maybe some more expert sock-ster can chime in on the ladder problem.

My problem is the hole at the gusset. No matter where I put that extra stitch, I still get a hole at the top of the gusset. Fortunately, I figure nobody’s going to be examining the socks on my feet that closely, so I can live with it until I get better at socks.

That said, maybe you should just forge ahead and see where the experiment takes you .

DO NOT give up. I frogged at least 2 dozen times before I was able to do a round properly the first time. I got so frustrated I would put it down for a couple of days then pick it back up and try again. This went on for three weeks, then all of a sudden my hands “clicked” with the needles. Now I’m wrestling with working 4 live DPN’s :wall: :wall: :wall:

Hang in there. Amy’s Tutorial is great! :slight_smile:

I always have to rewatch Amy’s video to join. I don’t know what my problem is. :teehee:

You’ll get the hang of it, soon! :hug:

Definitely hang in there, Mason. It is awckward at first but you’ll get it. It’s not uncommon to have a gap in the first few rounds. If you joined correctly, keep going and the gap should disappear.

Cheesiesmom, that’s a great trick! I think I will try that too. :cheering:

Ok, I think I am doing it correctly. I managed to get that annoying gap out this time around.

I’ve done a couple of rounds. Does this look like I’m doing it correctly or have I totally messed up? (sorry, I used my webcam which has a pretty poor picture quality)

Mason, it looks fine to me. And just a word of advice–don’t worry too much about the “gap” where you join…it’s not as obvious as it seems and the more you do it, the better you’ll be.

DPNs are a little complicated at first and when you try to use itty bitty ones for the first time, you’ll feel like you’re learning all over again…(or at least I did). It does get easier–just keep it up. It’s easier after the first few rounds too…don’t know why but it really seems that way.

Good luck!! :happydance:

I find the best thing for eliminating that gap is the same way to avoid ladders:

When you finish knitting off of needle 1, knit 2 stitches from needle 2 onto the same needle, then take the empty needle and knit stitches off of needle 2, plus first 2 stitches off needle 3, and so on. This will help evenly distribute all the stitches, and you won’t have to worry about the gap at the join, because this will put the first and last stitche of the round on the same needle, so you can make sure they are nice and tight.

Just make sure you use a stitch marker at the beginning of the round.

The picture looks like it is going good! I have made tons of socks and everytime I get started on DPN’s, its STILL awkward. It always takes a few rows to get it going and then its smooth sailing. Good luck on your project! At least it hasn’t scared you from trying!


I’m so impressed! It took me a lot longer to brave the DPNs. You’re very adventurous!! :cheering:

I think that everyone gave you great advice. The biggest thing is getting past the first four or five rounds. Everything starts to get much, much easier afterward.

You’ll have to figure out how to lay your front DPN that you’re knitting off of (on top of the others or underneath). But all of that comes with time and experience and even the weight of the yarn.

Good luck! Keep us posted!

The first few rows are the hardest. I usually do about 3 or 4 rows then I move the join by knitting the next two stitches from the left needle…and I do it on each needle as I knit that row…or if you are doing k2p2 you need to knit 4. Always end with a purl and start with a knit. If you need to you can do the join move again after a few rows. You’ll get it, it just takes practice to get the feel of DPNs. :wink:

I wanted to stab myself with the dpn’s first time I used them. I’m not exactly proficient with them yet, but they’ve slowly become more comfortable as I practice.

I didn’t start with socks, though, but with a simple knit cap.

Hang in there!! :cheering:

I really appreciate all of the tips and input. I’m still not sure, but I think I just might accidentally be getting it.

Isn’t it great when things just click? :hug:

Mason, it’s hard to tell by the pic, but your sock in progress does look just fine. The ribbing doesn’t start taking shape for an inch or two. It does look wonky when starting, even mine and I’ve knit lotsa socks! Keep at it… you’re doing great! And I trust you’ll post a pic of your finished sock when finished? :slight_smile: