DPN's and yarn stretched inbetween needles help!

I am trying to finish off the Bzzz Hat for Queen Bees and I have switched from circs to the DPN’s (both size 8’s ) and at every change to another needle the stitches are stretched out. :?? I have tried to knit as tightly as possible at these junctures, but it still looks awful. Are there any secrets to doing this?


I found laying the trailing needle (the one on the right) over the top of the leading needle (the one on the left) and giving the yarn a good tug on the first stitch helped with this a lot.

Hopefully this crude drawing using lines below will help the _ is the new (empty) working needle going in for the first stitch the / is the one with the stitches on to be worked and the \ is the one I just finished knitting on - lay that overthe top of the left one and pull tight on that first stitch (hope this makes sense)

… _

(Ignore the two dots they were to shift the _ over :P)

Hmm… I’m not sure how to explain how I do it. I hold the needles so that they remain together at the joins. My little finger (and maybe ring finger) kind of wrap around the two on my left hand and the one on the right is wrapped by my right fingers. It takes some practice, but it does work. :thinking:

I usually try to just knit off the tip of my needle at the joins to keep that stitch tight. I’ve not done a lot with DPNS, but I thought I read that you can keep slip the stitches around on the needles so you don’t always have the same “join” places – is this doable?

I knit from dpn to dpn being as close together as is possible…then give a bit of a tug on the 2nd and 3rd sts…an odd phenomenon that sometimes happens: if you tug too tightly on the 1st st on the dpn, the ladder worsens. Practice Practice Practice is what finally worked for me, sorry I don’t have a better answer.