Dpns and lefties

Ok folks, a doozy of a question for you…my lys couldn’t help!!
I am a leftie english knitter-knitting what a rightie would, but its a mirror image (oh lordie i hope this is making sense!!).

Anyway, I tried dpns today and love them, except that I can’t seem to knit on the outside. I am holding the needles so that i am knitting on the inside, and that isn’t working, and i can’t seem to turn it around so that i am knitting on the outside. So far I am purling on the inside, and that is giving me the st stitch i want, but what happens when I want to garter stitch?

PLS help!!

Some people, for whatever reason, knit in the round on the inside, with the purls on the outside. Then they flip it inside out.

If you want garter stitch, you would knit one row and purl one row, on the inside if you want.

I’m not sure if shaping is affected if you knit on the inside, I’ve read that its not. But if you can knit mirror image successfully, I’m sure that would be a minor point to you. :smiley:

so if i am knitting a sleeve (that is attached, like the raglan sweater), I would turn it inside out first, and then knit? YOu are so helpful, Ingrid.


See? I wouldn’t have thought of that! I would have said to do it separately, and I would have cause the dreaded seams!

Well, whaddayaknow, it worked!! I just had to be careful to turn it because the sleeves were sooo small, and I forgot to knit and purl for garter, but all in all it turned out ok. Now for some socks!!!