DPN's and Ladders Help

I knitting Baby Bobbi Bear’s body, being a DPN novice, I’ve noticed I have ladders and was told that I could move the stitches. Any other advise that may be of some help?

As long as the ladders are showing up in the corners where you move to a new needle, I find that after I knit that first stitch on the new needle, if I tug the yarn tight and keep that first stitch tight, I don’t have ladders. Usually I will tug the second stitch as well, just for good measure…then I go on to regularly knitting the rest.

I’ve been tugging it…Im soo frustrated, it just doen’t work for me. Im going to rip my work and see if I tug it a little harder might work, and I’ll try tugging the second also…thanks.

Keep the new needle UNDER the old needle on the right when making that first stitch. That helps too.