DPNs & accidentally reversing direction


I’m making the First Impressions Pants again, thistime in 1/3 size. I’m past the elevation and now knitting in the rib across all stitches until the piece measures 13 cm.

I had the stitch markers between the purl stitches, working from the inside:

But then some how i tutturned the piece around and ended up working the stitch markers between knit stitches, now working from the outside.

I don’t know what i did and i hope that the above makes sense. It’s like i unintentionally started a short row but kept going instead of turning back.

Would it be best to rip back this round and do it right or can i finish the round and turn back again? Or just continue on and finish the project? The “short row turn” / hole is between DPNs.


If there really is a short row hole the best thing is to tink back to it and continue in the correct direction.
It’s also possible that you flipped the knitting inside out and in that case you can flip it back.

The twisted knit stotch pattern looks very pretty here.


I did accidentally turn it and started working in the opposite direction. I see the hole and can rip back to that point and restart correctly. I was kind of hoping it would be an easy fix lol.

Thanks for your help!


Ah, i was hoping for the easy fix too. This may be the way you rip out but, if not: