DPNs - aaaaargh!

:frog: Ok, I’m nearly ready to give up now! On my first attempt at using DPNs I managed to knit inside out! The RS was on the inside - not a problem - I turned it inside out, and figured out what I was doing wrong… or so I thought!

This time, the beginning and the end don’t join up properly, except by one thread. Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong? Have I gone the wrong way round? :verysad:

I would just turn it right side out, and continue on. You will have a little hole where you turned around, but you could seam that up. It should all even out.

Do you mean that the cast-on edge has a gap or ‘jog’ between the first and last stitch? If so, there are a few solutions:

Knit the first stitch extra-tight, possibly holding the cast-on tail together with the working wool and knit normally

Or cast on an extra stitch, pass it from the last needle (last cast-on stitch) to the first needle, beside the first stitch, and make your first stitch a k2tog, then knit the first few super-tight, possibly knitting the tail as above

Or the method I love, which gives me a flawless join, where you pass the last stitch over to the ‘first’ needle and put it on the needle, next to the first stitch, then pass the first stitch over, and put it where the last stitch used to be, the two stitches are switching places with one of them going through the other (doesn’t matter which, I think). A crochet hook is a big help here. Then I knit extra tight holding the tail tightly together with the working yarn for 6-10 stitches. But I am a fussy perfectionist.

I know it’s too late for this item. For this one, you can use the tail to sew up/close the join when you weave it in. And until it closes, knit the first few stitches of each round - on top of the join - extra-tightly.


[color=indigo]I generally knit the first couple rows flat and then join. So much easier for me. I use the tail to sew up the little gap and it just doesn’t show…[/color]

The most likely reason why you were knitting inside out is because when you joined, you did so with the needle points (and hands) toward your knees instead of facing your body.

Next time you join, position the needles so that you are joining with the left/right needles right in front of you instead of having to stretch out your arms (does this make sense??).

Needles should be like this:

\ /

  • = Needle #2
    \ = Needle #1
    / = Needle #3

Join needles 1 & 3 with them facing toward your body. Needle #2 is toward your knees.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Very helpful tips (and diagrams). I am 3 rows into single ribbing in the round and so far, so good (phew!)

It does look far too small (do they always?), but as the trial-run tube also looked small and was actually too large, I’ve gone down to 36 stitches from 40. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again for the advice.

Keep in mind that your yarn is gonna stretch, so even if it looks small, don’t sweat it too much.