DPN woes

So I just finished making the $5 in Paris t-shirt/sweater pattern and of course for the sleeves I had to use my DPNS.

I used to be in love with my DPN’s. I mean, I could make socks, hats, tubes, and all sorts of lovely things with them. I thought they were soo much cooler than straights and I used them and nothing else for about three months until I got my first pair of circular needels.

But I realized on Friday that my love for my DPN’s has faded and now I can’t STAND the things. I have the metal ones (or are they aluminum? I have no idea.) and every time I use them, no matter what I’m doing with them or how I hold them, I end up getting poked and bruised by the pointy ends. After just four rows I was ready to throw them across the room.

I don’t know if it’s just because I got spoiled on my non-pokey circular needles or what but I genuenly dislike my DPNs now!

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any way to restore my DPN love with some non-pokey ones?

Can you try using Magic Loop for the sleeves instead of the dpns?

Just a thought :think:


I went from hating dpns to loving using two circs, and back to liking dpns. I think a lot has to do with the fact that I use bamboo dpns when before I had metal ones. :shrug:

Now I have both available to me.

I made a bunch of socks with plastic dpns. They worked great. Then I got some long addi turbos. I’ve been knitting my small diameter projects with magic loop on those ever since. I do like working on both socks on the one needle at the same time. :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about trying out Magic Loop but the idea of using two circular needels is horribly daunting. Is it easy?

I don’t like my longer dpns, but have some very short ones, 4 inches or so and some a little longer. They don’t stab me like the others do. :O) samm

I like my bamboo DPN’s, they’re all in the 7"-8" range.

Two circs is easy, it’s basically like using two DPN’s. :shrug:

Magic Loop confused me. :zombie: I need to watch Amy’s video again. And again. And again. :teehee:

I went from liking dpn’s, to loving to use 2 circular needles. I still like using 2 circulars, but I occasionally use dpn’s.

It’s all good.

And, 2 circular needles is very easy. While I can do magic loop, I don’t like it because I feel it puts too much strain on the needle joins. I find 2 circulars easier than magic loop (but I really wouldn’t know, I tried magic loop one time and decided I didn’t like it.) because you can’t pull the loop out of the stitches, and lose your place.

I love ML – you only need one circular but it needs to be a long one – 32" or longer.

I’ve done ML with my Denises and haven’t had any trouble at all, even with a couple of cables joined together.

When I wanted to learn I made a practice piece and sat in front of the screen and watched Amy’s video. It didn’t take me long to get comfortable with the technique and then I did Silver’s tutorial.

I don’t think I’d have the patience to make socks any other way. I have SSS syndrome bad.


i’d give silver’s tutorial a try for magic loop.


here’s a couple of links to get you started. feel free to pm me if you have questions. i just LOVE magic loop!