Dpn woes

i began silver’s sock tutorial last night and am curious as to whether or not i’m using the dpns correctly.

everything about it is so awkward. is this normal? when does it click? i feel like i’m fighting the needles…and am a tense wreck! how do you relax with dpns?

also, it seems like my joins are going to be a ladder of loose stitches. is there an easy solution?

any help would be SO appreciated!

The first few rows on dpns are really awkward–those things flail around like some multi-legged beastie. It’s normal :hug:

To make knitting easier, try resting your work on a table or your leg–anything stable to prevent the knitting from flopping about. Once you get about 5 or 6 rows in, the flopping won’t really be bothersome anymore.

As for the ladders, try knitting the second stitch on each dpn really tightly. (Most people go for the first, and the first is fine, but it’s the second that makes the difference.)

Best of luck to you–you can do this! And feel reassured that your experiences are completely normal!

thank you so much. i think more than anything, i needed someone to say i’m normal. ha!

i suppose 2 needles felt much like this when i first started knitting. but 4, dear me, feels like a death sentence! :slight_smile:

thanks again!

Heh, we all need to be told we’re normal every once in awhile :wink:

And yes, regular knitting felt just as weird; it’s hard to remember that sometimes.

I can’t wait to see your sock when you’re finished! Be sure to show us!

A few other things you can do about the ladder is don’t start a needle with a purl and move where your joins are…

This is what I’m doing now…

I makeing a hat the a k2 p2 rib, so to make is easy on my brain I knit 1 set of the ribs from the next needle onto the one I just kntted on to… clear as mud?

Just make sure you mark you beginning cuz i will be moving…

I also read on knitty that using 4 needles when you can will help with it too