DPN Vs Circular?

Can some help here, I am hopeless at using double pointed needles, try as I might I get all jumbled.

Can a circular needle be used instead?

Many thanks

Down Under

It depends on the size you want to make. To just use a circular, the circumference of the item can’t be smaller than the length of your needle–that limits you on what you can make.

HOWEVER, there are ways to use two circs or a long circ and the magic loop method (Amy has video on both) to knit small diameters.

The best way I’ve found to learn dpns is to start a hat with a 16" circular needle and switch to dpns when you get to the decreases. It allows you to learn how to use them without the fuss of starting a project on them.

you will NEVER regret learning magic loop AND 2 circs methods. seriously! i only use my dpn’s for cabling now. :wink:

I have been lured over to the dark side of knitting in the round with circular needles. I started out learning to knit in the round using dpns, but switched when I found knitting with two circs simpler. Personally, I prefer to just work with the circular needles rather than switching over to dpns later when the tension gets tight (one extra step I just don’t want to do). However, I do use dpns when making mittens/gloves. Heck, I work my flat pieces with circs also, much easier when riding on a public transportation (unless I really don’t like my seatmate).

Being relatively new to this addiction, I was at first hopeless at DPNs…I used to put needle plugs (that’s what I call them, the thingys you put on the needle to keep from losing your stitches)…on all the ends and it looked ridiculous. LOL! Now I’ve taken the training wheels off and have gotten the hang of it.

The main thing I have learned is that acryllics seem to slip off metal needles more than wool or wool blends, so I use only wooden DPNs with synthetics…wools and wool blends do better on metals.

This is very true. My first attempts with DPNs were horrible experiences. But later I made a hate starting with a small circular needle and switching to DPNs when it was time to decrease and it was quite simple. I was very proud of myself. :slight_smile:

I need to master this 2 circular needle technique, though. Being able to use DPNs and wanting to use DPNs are two separate things. :smiley:

I don’t use dpns OR two circulars; I do all of my small diameter circular knitting doing Magic Loop on my KP Options. For me, it’s really the best and most practical way to do my knitting.

I prefer circular needles and switch to double points when the project gets real small. I have yet to try two circular needles but I hear it is great for doing socks.:happydance:

I do most of my socks on 2 circs. Much less fiddly (for me) than magic loop or DPNs, which I just occasionally use mainly so I don’t forget how!