DPN vs Circ question

Snephenie’s baby hat question made me think of something i had been meaning to ask.

if i find a pattern that requires DPNs but there are enough stitches to get around a small circ is there any reason why i couldn’t just put it on the circ until i decrease down to where i need DPNs? are they just saying to use DPNs because that is what they think most people use or because they think they are being helpful saving the cost of both?

as long as it is just regular kniting in the round i can put it on circs if it will fit right?

Sure, why not. As long as it fits on a circ, there’s no reason to use dpns if you don’t want to. I avoid dpns at all cost!! I’m in love with magic loop knitting. :heart:

Technically, yes. However I’ve never encountered a pattern that starts with DPNs when a circular could be used instead. In my experience, if it starts with DPNs, it’s because it can not fit around a circular. The smallest circular is still 16" long.

Although… you could always knit using the magic loop method or 2 circular needle method in place of DPNs altogether. :slight_smile:

Really? Why does
Marnie’s Pattern call for US #2 12" circular needles
I guess that’s why I had a hard time finding them.

my LYS has 12" addies…they are out there but i think they would be a real PITA to work with…trying to manipulate them would be hard i think.

yeah, there are 12" circs - I have some Clover ones.

You’re right… there are 12" circulars. They have short little tips, don’t they? :??

I have a couple of 12’s and they’re small, but not impossible. I’ve even read about 8’s.

I have a couple of 12" addi’s that you have to kind of get used to using…I also have some ‘i don’t know why they were ever made bc they are impossible to use’ 8" circs…now, I got nowhere with them…lol!
But…I do :heart: :heart: my 12" addi’s

8"? :shock:
Must be for kids… you know, those crazy knitting 4 year olds with tiny hands.

I have no idea…this was when I still had the dpn fear and for some reason I thought I could knit socks with these 8" circs…paaalease…I have absolutely no idea why they were ever invented…for dummies like me i suppose…lol. They are clover and they have Japanese written all over them, so I could decipher no directions or special uses…but, I do have 3 sets :roflhard: :roflhard:

That explains it. The Japanese DO have tiny hands! :smiley:

I’m gonna send you an order. I want those!

:oops: I forgot I had some on my site - I actually have a set I use too

(worried that people think all I do is hawk my site)


But you have a cooool site! :wink:

awww you!!