DPN to magic loop conversion

I have a knit along class on craftsy, the 2016 knit along and I plan to knit the fingerless mittens and possibly the hat using magic loop. But, I don’t know how to convert a glove or mitten pattern to magic loop. Would I put the stitches for the upper hand on a stitch holder while knitting the thumb, bind off at the end of the thumb and cut the yarn, then put the upper hand stitches back on the needles and knit to the end of the upper hand and bind off? And how would I prevent myself from getting a ladder or worse, a hole when I start knitting the upper hand after binding off the thumb(I have gotten holes in my knitting simply from doing a color change in magic loop(like full on horizontal striping gives me holes in magic loop right at where 1 stripe ends and the other begins))?

I know that if I knit it flat, I will end up with 0 holes but that requires short rows and seaming.

Usually, you put the thumb sts on scrap yarn until you finish the hand. Then when you finish the hand, put the thumb sts on the needle, pick up several sts from the hand at the inner edge of the thumb and work the thumb. You can pick up 2 extra sts if you want and work a k2tog here to close any possible hole.

Caters is your link to the pattern from a purchased class on Craftsy? If so, please delete the link. It would violate copyright to link to the pattern here

See, that seems like it would end up unnecessarily restrictive when putting it on because wouldn’t that attach the thumb to the hand, not just at the base of the thumb gusset but also from wherever you picked up the stitches and thus limiting the angle between your thumb and other fingers more than it normally would?

And the pattern says to do the thumb gusset first(which would be the first and last stitches on the needles).

The thumb gusset is worked as an integral part of the lower hand. It makes space for the base of the thumb. Stitches are then put on hold for the thumb itself which is separate from the hand and from the thumb gusset The upper hand is worked first and finally the held thumb sts.

When you start to work the thumb itself (not the gusset) sts are picked up from the upper hand in order not to leave a hole. It’s not restrictive as long as you pick up at the lower edge of the upper hand and not a couple of rows up.

The blue arrow shows where the sts are picked up for the thumb.

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No, I haven’t knit mittens before but I figured that fingerless mittens would be a good place to start.

Mittens are mittens. Doesn’t matter where you start.

If you knit a hat, then mittens are just a hat – for your hands! (And socks are hats for your feet!) They are all the same, if you really think about it!

A mitten will have TWO hats – one for the finger part, and a small little hat for the thumb! There – simple!!

Usually, you make the gusset as part of the hand part by making those increases. Then put the thumb stitches on a holder (I always use some smooth yarn) and then finish the finger portion – either as fingerless or with fingers. It’s all the same, really.

Then come back to those thumb stitches on hold, and finish it. You will pick up some stitches where you cast on after the thumb, and I like to also pick up one extra stitch at the join (where you get ladders) and then decrease that extra stitch immediately in that row or the next row. It closes up any hole nicely. Sometimes I might have to pick up TWO stitches in that hole… whatever works!!

There are many ways to do it. Whatever YOU understand, and what works for YOU!