DPN sizes

I remember I heard somewhere (I [I]think[/I] it was on one of this site’s videos…) that if I use 3 DPNs of the same size, while knitting on the round, and 1 DPN of a different size, the knitting will be in the size of the 3 DPNs. Is this true?

No, because when you knit with DPNs the one extra one, the 4th one, will become the needle with the stitches on it after you knit them off. You’ll need to have 4 the same size.

I was just watching the DPN video here and I think I know what you’re talking about. In the video she said that in a pinch, you could supposedly use just one needle of a different size (either one size smaller or one size larger) and get away with it because the uneveness is evenly distributed throughout the project and wouldn’t be overly noticeable. You’d do this becasue, say, you lost one of your DPNs and you were desperate, but ideally you’d use all the same size needles.

It’s the needle in your right hand that sets the size, so I guess if you were really desperate, you could slide the stitches around so that you were always holding the correct size in your right hand.

Using an odd size won’t really affect the size of the item all that much. As Craw says, you’re only knitting part of the sts with the odd one, and they’re different on each round so it will all even out.

I would avoid it like the plague. . .People at my LYS have done it in a pinch, or even just used 1 DPN of another material (bamboo vs. metal) and have not been happy with the results. I comes down to how much of a perfectionist you are. It does make a noticeable difference-- it’s just how much you notice!

It’s a pain in the neck to try to knit onto a larger needle from a smaller one. It can be done, of course, but it’s not the relaxing thing that knitting is supposed to be.

What? No, it’s hard to [I]transfer[/I] the smaller sts onto a larger needle, but it’s no problem at all to knit them onto the larger one. And when we’re talking about .25mm or so, it’s not a big jump.

No different DPN sizes for me, then! It turns out I am an [I]extreme[/I] perfectionist. When I’m knitting and I see an error 10 rows back, I won’t hesitate in undoing it.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Well, you can always try it out and see if it really is going to matter. Just do a sampler with about 30 sts.

hmmmm…having to ponder what I meant. I think I have it backwards. I think it was when I’ve tried using two different size circs, putting one size of each on the cables so the working needles are the same size…

I guess it was backwards…knitting on the smaller and trying to slide the stitches that were knit on the smaller needle up onto the larger one.

So…I guess it wouldn’t be an issue on the dpn’s because you wouldn’t have to slide or transfer them onto the bigger needle.

Guess I should think through the situation before posting—I just remembered the nightmare of using two sizes and applied it inaccurately.