DPN Sets

Hello all - Happy Friday! I’m in the market for DPNs. Does anybody know of a retailer that sells sets of DPNs (by sets I mean a set of several sizes)? I love having my Denise set because I know I’ll always have the size needle I need, and I’d like to have something similar for DPNs.

I’ve not heard of sets of dpns as u described…but it sure would be a good idea :smiley:

Hi Rebecca :smiley: Do you have a favorite source for DPNs? I had a LYS in my area for a while, and they closed :frowning: , so I’ll probably order online.

Crystal Palace are great bamboo DPNs and are usually under $10. I like Lantern Moon Rosewood DPNs but they are pricy too. There are metal DPNs, but a lot of people don’t like how slick they are.


i like aluminum straights, but prefer bamboo for DPN’s. the stitches are so small, and the space with which to work is small as well. slipped stitches are not fun on DPNs. Bamboo is a little rough; i move my stitches where i want them and they behave on bamboo! :lol:

I just saw some wonderful dpns @ our very own Kemp’s store… www.divaknitting.com :wink:

those look nice! bamboo but cheaper then Crystal Palace - I like that! :thumbsup:

Personally, I like metal dpns because they’re faster and they don’t bend like bamboo needles do. As metal dpns go, I prefer Inox because they have a nice feel to them and they come in packs of five.

:smiley: Thanks for all the input…time for some shopping!

There are quite a few sellers on eBay who sell big sets, like this.

Hi Holly and thanks for asking this. I was wondering the same thing.

wow…depending on the final price on those DPN sets at ebay, that could be a GREAT deal! What they’re selling for at the moment wouldn’t even cover my cost! :roflhard:

One thing about having a set of all the same length…it would be awesome to have, but since I only use the 0-3 on socks, I like to have the shorter length for those smaller needles.

:shock: ooooo…all those DPNS in one set! My husband has purchased one thing on Ebay several years ago, but I’ve never bought from Ebay – it might be time to investigate it further!

I have been selling some new bamboo DPN sets on ebay recently - sizes 0-10.5 7" ones. My seller name is greentara33.

I’ve seen “sock sets” of DPNs by Susan Bates. I think there are five sets of the really tiny sizes in one package for a pretty decent price.