DPN question

Hello all,
I am an aspiring new knitter(about seven months of learning) and I try to learn a new technique daily, just in case I come across a pattern with it. I have made a few projects in my journey :slight_smile:

Recently I have been fascinated with the idea of making socks and bought some size 2 and size 8 metal Boye DPNS( I know bamboo would’ve been better) I thought since I am new to knitting in the round I can use my size 8s and worsted weight yarn to practice before making the real thing.

I have been watching youtube videos about knitting in the round and I get so confused at the start. I seen some where they start the first stich of the round inside the triangle while other videos show them working the stiches on the outside of the triangle. I know that I have to get all the stitches facing inside the triangle and make sure there are no twists.

my question is this. would my knitted project be the same look? I have watched the video here and she does the inside the triangle technique that I have seen. Also lets say I work a few rnds, will I need to work the same way or reverse the project so it doesn’t seem to be coming towards my face?

Any advice will be appreciated. I can also post the videos that show my confusion. I know it may sound like a stupid question but, I do need help getting started. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The trick to knitting in the round is to join the round without twisting the sts, as you saw demonstrated in the videos. You only need to align the sts for the joining round, however. You don’t need to worry about the sts after that. You don’t usually reverse the project, if I understand what you’re asking.

by reversing I meant to say do I flip it downwards. Sometimes when I tried to knit in rnd on dpns I got my work coming over the dpns and heading upward

you might watch this and try staci’s techniques for preventing that: http://verypink.com/2011/04/13/knitting-inside-out-on-dpns/ .

she’s got a bunch of other videos, including on using DPNs, and joining in the round, at http://verypink.com/category/techniques/ .

The first video was my question but, didn’t understand her answer. is it ok to knit inside the triangle and after the knitting is done flip it inside out?

Second I understand that she knits outside the triangle but, but to me it feels weird and I cant get the stitches…any tips?

I think the answer to your question about knitting inside the triangle is yes, it’s OK. I think that after you get the hang of knitting in the round you’ll want to switch to working outside it but for now, if it works go for it. Getting going to begin with makes tweaking technique easier later. Enjoy your knitting.

Have your tried circular needles for working in the round? You might or might not like that method better. It’s up to you, I’m not saying you should do one or the other.

GG’s right, it is OK… but in my (limited) experience, i haven’t seen anybody (experienced knitters, knitting teachers, etc) say it’s a good idea… rather it’s better to learn how to get the knitting flipped the right way to begin with, because it’ll be easier when your skills improve and you start adding more complicated stitches and items to your arsenal.

Fair Isle is often worked inside out as it’s easier to get the floats right that way, or so I’ve read.

good to know. i hadn’t seen that trick, and haven’t done any fair isle yet.

I am also a fairly new knitter and I think like so many of my projects I done before it is the starting row that gives me the trouble or cast on edge. Still feels awkward doing it the outside but, doesn’t hurt to practice it :slight_smile:

Just a quick question, when working outside the triangle on dpns do I keep the nubs of the stitches facing inside the triangle or do I bring them down like I am working on straight needles?