Dpn question

Hi there,
Im finally back. Didnt have a computer for awhile. I have a question. I’ve made a couple of socks and want to venture to a more intermediate project. I always use 3 dpns and the 4th one to knit. I want to make a sock that calls for a total of 5 dpns. Now, I can figure out how to divide them onto my 3 needles, but when it comes to the pattern, how do I knit it according to their instructions on 3 needles? Wont my pattern be off because I have a different amount of stitches on one needle then they do? Does that make sense? :muah:

There should be no reason for the pattern to be off, other than you will just have to be aware or mark where inc/dec may happen “at the beginning of next needle”

It would just be a matter of being super concious

Just use stitch markers for where the ends of the needles would be if you were using 4 needles.