DPN question

My pattern says to cast on 26 stitches on DPN needles–since this is an uneven number to distribute on 3 needles, how many stitches do I cast on each needle? Also, the pattern suggests a cable cast on. Can I use the long-tail cast on instead? I’ve never used the cable cast on method before. This is a pattern for glittens.


I use long tail for just about everything. Even it if ends up looking a little different than the pattern calls for, I like it anyway.

Just distribute the stitches as evenly as you can. You don’t have to be exact.

So, I can put 8,10,8, and this would be ok?



I have never knit on DPN needles, except to finish a hat. So, if I can get my nerve up, I would like to try this. I prefer a project that I don’t have to seam, mainly because I cannot get the hang of seaming, esp. the mattress stitch. I have watched Amy’s video, read how to do this, and I cannot get this conquered.


I’ll bet that once you get more experience at looking at your stitches, you should be able to do mattress. It really is a nice seam. However not having to seam at all is even better!!

If you’ve finished a hat, then you’ve knit on dpns. When you start with them, your project just gets bigger instead of smaller! You can also use a circular needle to start a hat and then just end with dpns, or take a stab at knitting with two circs or magic loop for small diameter circular knitting. I rarely use dpns anymore, unless I’m only knitting a really small diameter or if the pattern is specific to dpns.

And what have you got to lose?

Thanks, Ingrid for the encouragement. I think I’ll try this pattern, and if I get “stuck”, I"ll call for help.