DPN Question-Stopping Sliding Stitches

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was something out there that could be put on the end of double pointed needles to make sure that your stitches don’t slide off. I accidentally bought double pointed needles that were a half inch too short for my hat, and the stitches kept sliding off…I actually found some fun tack (the blue sticky stuff to hang up posters) in a drawer and stuck that on the needle ends I wasn’t using, and it worked okay, but I don’t want the yarn or needles to get mucked up.

So…is there something like this, what’s it called, and where can I get some!

Thanks so much!

A small rubber band (like the kind used for pony tails) would be good and extremely cheap.

I use needle caps. Works like a charm!!!

Just wondering, if your stitches are practically falling off the dpns, wouldn’t you be better off using a circular needle until you start decreasing stitches?

The pattern I was following had you switch to DPN’s when there were still about 70 stitches on the needles, which I thought was kinda odd, but it was my first time using them, so I decided to stick to the pattern. As it decreased more, it became less of a problem.

Chel, what are needle caps, and where can I get them?

I had a similar problem with my new KP Options dpns. While the needles have great points and I sped through the K2tog/P2tog and SSK, I had to cast on my sock with birches and then after a couple of rounds switch to the metal dpns. The needles kept falling out of the stitches, especially since I used 2 needles during the cast on.

You don’t actually need to switch to dpns until things start feeling too tight on the circular, but it sounds like you have things figured out so just go with it. Also, you don’t want to wait tooo long because sometimes if things are too tight around the circular it can be a bear to switch to dpns after that.

http://www.knitpicks.com/tools/itemid_80018/tools_display.aspxThese are “caps” better known as point protectors.
I get them for about $2.50 for 6 sets at Wal-mart. Those work just fine. They are blue and rubbery. I have about 6 packs because I use them on all the points when I knit with DPN’s.

Thanks everyone!