DPN problems

I’m still attempting this mitten pattern:


I’ve already frogged this thing twice. First time, I did some of the cuff ribbing and then inadvertently turned the cuff inside out. I have no idea how I reversed it. It should be pretty obvious by looking where the working yarn is what direction to go in. Anyone know how this happened or what to look out for?

Second time, the cuff was just a nightmare, decided to restart.

Third time. I did a couple of rows and looked at the ribbing and stopped. The right side looks like its on the outer side of the dpns! Once the cuff is done, I’m knitting some rounds and then starting a stranded colorwork pattern. I assume once teh mitt is done, I turn it inside out. The pattern does not look like the cuff is meant to be turned on itself.

Am I right in thinking something is wrong? It calls for K2xP1 ribbing. I look at my stitches and it all looks good. Its just that the revserse side of the ribbing looks like it is on the inner side of the dpns and the good side of the ribbing looks like it is on the outside. It just seems wrong. I have stopped knitting, wondering whether to start over a fourth time, or finish the cuff and find a way to turn it inside out like what happened the last time by acident…

or simply continue (trust the pattern!), though it does look like if I just finish the mitt the way I am going now, the cuff will look the wrong way.

Any advice or suggestions?


Is the cuff just inside out? If so, you can just turn it inside out and continue. If not, can you post a picture?

No, I think everything is oriented the right way.

Thinking about it, its k2 p1, which means the inside is probably very smooth, on the outside, those knits are purls, so the it would look, “ribbier” if thats the word. Just matching that with the pictures of the mittens in the patterns, it looked to me like it should have been the other way around.

The marsan watchcap hat I did a while back had a “turning row” where the cuff was turned halfway so that it could be folded up. Maybe I would want to do that with these mitts, or turn it at the very end so that the side I like is on the inside.

Its just that the watchcap way of turning the row always left a big gap where the row was turned. The instructions were the followng:

“Purl the last stitch on the round, bring yarn to the back of the work, slip one stitch from the left needle to the right one, bring yarn to the front of the work, slip the stitch back to the left needle.”

I guess that slipped stitch was what causes the hole.

Don’t know if there’s a better way to turn the cuff without any slipping of stitches so I have the side I like facing me once its knit. Don’t feel like starting over a 4th time :slight_smile:

It may have flipped inside out on you when you set it down. Just flip it around so the k2, p1 is on the outside, with your needle tips closest to you and the yarn to the ball is on the right one.


If you have time later, try doing in-the-round knitting on two circulars. amy’s video is here.

In general, DPN patterns can be changed to 2 circ patterns no problem. I hate using DPNs and find the 2 circ method much easier.

It does look easier! I may give it a try when I have 2 circs :slight_smile:

But shouldn’t the right side be on the outer side of the DPNs? I think I’m misunderstanding your question. When I knit on DPNs, the outside is on the outside of the DPNs, the inside is on the inside… :??

Sometimes (and I still don’t understand why) people knit inside out on DPN’s. Everything still comes out perfectly fine, given that you flip the project right side in once you’re done. The only problem is that as you knit things look a little funky since you’re looking at the wrong side.

I have knitted three and 1/4 socks and two mittens completely inside out and they have all come out fine. One day I’ll figure out how to knit properly, but for the time being what I do works!


[color=indigo]If the knitting is orientated like this with the knitting needles being use in front, close to one’s chest, one’s knitting will be rightside out:

If the knitting is orientated like this with the knitting needles being used in back, with the knitted object close to one’s ches, one’s knitting will be inside out.


My personal experience with this has been that I’ve made the error when joining. The first time I made a pair of socks, I had the needles pointing toward my knees, with my hands knitting away from me, and I made the join. Hence, from there on out, my pattern was on the inside of the sock.

Make sure when you join, that you are holding the needles close to you. Then you’ll be knitting the pattern on the outside (public side) of the sock.

It sounds like, though, that you were originally knitting on the outside but it got turned inside out. Could this have happened when you set the needles down? Maybe when you picked them up, you started knitting with the needles away from you, thus putting the pattern on the inside.

That’s a good explanation, but in your second picture you didn’t flip your knitting so it actually is inside out.