I was making the kitty hat from SnB, and I have no idea where I went wrong, but when I switched to the Dpns on the decrease my stockinette stitches ended up on the inside of the hat!! What did I do? I had to frog the whole thing and now I’m SAD!! What do I do so when I get to that point again this doesn’t happen?


The only reason I could think of is that when you transfered the stitches you turned the hat inside out.
So if you do it again, make sure that the knit side(the V’s) are on the outside when your beginning to knit.

And don’t be sad, thinks like these happen to all of us (just frogged an almost completed top)!

I am about to try it again, so hopefully this time I don’t have the same problem!! Thanks for the reply.


Hi Jean,

It sounds like when you started knitting again, you were holding the needles in the back of the work, instead of the front of the work. In other words, the non-working needles were between you and your hands, whereas they should be on the other side of your hands. It’s hard to describe, I should put this in a video. So in the end, even though the right side of the work was on the outside, you were knitting the inside of the work, the purl side!

To avoid this, just look at the stitches facing you on the left needle you’re holding. They should be V’s, the right side of the stockinette stitch, not the dashes of the purl stitch. If they are dashes, you need to turn the work around, and put that needle in the other hand.

Hope that helps.