DPN - My tube is Upside Down

I am trying my hand at knitting in the round on 4 DPN. As it is coming along I am finding that my tube is coming up through the center of the needles, rather than down the middle like I have seen in pictures and videos of how knitting in the round is supposed to look.

I made sure when I started that the cast on edges were all facing inwards and the stitch loops were facing outward. When I push the tube down through the needles where it SHOULD be the ‘purl pattern’ part is on the outside rather than a stockinette stitch.

What happened?

I suspect you’re knitting it inside out. Are you knitting on the inside of the circle of knitting? While it’s not a huge deal most of the time it’s generally considered correct to knit on the outside of the circle. Depending on what you’re making you can probably just finish it and then turn it inside out.


Thanks so much. The tutorial you posted was a great help! I’m on my way!

Jan, she said when she flipped it the purls were on the outside then.

LeighAnn, I wouldn’t worry about it, though you may still have the needle tips facing away from you instead of toward you. Try that if you are. And they sometimes tend to do this at first anyway, it’s not going to be messed up.

Oh. :?? Well, whatever it was the photos seemed to help her.

It’s possible she was knitting right side out, but with the needles pointed away from her, which would cause the CO edge to be pointing up.

This is what I’m trying to accomplish!! I do not like the yarn coming thru the triangle and toward me. I like it growing away from me.

So when I join I would need to hold the needles with the join on the far side (midnight) or the near side (6 oclock)?

This is a problem I have consistently and can never remember how I did it right once, but get wrong every other time.


The side closest to you - 6 o’clock if you’re looking down at the circle. Take a look at the pictures in the link Jan posted in post 2.