DPN lengths?

I’m looking to buy a set of DPNs (Harmony) and am unsure as to which length would be best…4", 5", 6"? I hope to be making adult sized gloves and socks soon, just stuck on which ones would work best for that. Can’t tell I’m a newbie, can ya?:wink:

I use 4" dpns for socks but need the 6" for larger hats. Just depends on what you are knitting. You can use 6" for everything but might be annoying if your are doing something very small.

If you can afford 2 sets, I’d get the 4" and the 6" and not bother with the 5". When knitting socks and mittens and the tops of hats, you’ll need the 6". The 4"s are great for glove fingers and mitten thumbs, but keep in mind that they are very small and short and go quickly, so how aggravating is it really to have to deal with longer needles for just that? If you only want to buy 1 size, I’d go with the 6"s.

I use 6" DPNs for my socks that I’m working on right now and they appear to be the perfect length. I imaging I will have to buy some shorter needles when I want to learn gloves and mittens.

I agree, 6". I always double-knit fingers so I don’t have to deal with just a few stitches on DPNs.

Thanks for the advice! I wish I could afford two sets, but I’ll settle for just the 6" right now and hope to get the 4" soon. Happy knitting!:heart: