DPN lengths

I would like to complete a set of Hiya Hiya DPNs which come in 6" or 8" lengths. I have sizes 0-5US in 6" which has been fine as I have knit mostly socks and children’s clothing, but I’m wondering if I would need the longer ones for adult sweater sleeves, hats, etc.

Why wouldn’t you just use circulars? Just curious.

Most of us use circular needles so I’m not sure what size you’d need. I guess longer for longer things. Not sure how long they come though?

I didn’t realize you could knit sleeves on circulars. I thought they would be too small around. Maybe I should just wait until I attempt adult sweaters before buying any more needles. I have the sizes I need for children’s clothing, and with a second grandbaby on the way, I think that will keep me busy for a while. It’s been wonderful to pick up knitting again after all these years.

My set is 8", which is fine for things like finishing off hats or sleeves. They’re also 4-needle sets. The shorter ones I have are come with 5 needles, so I’m probably getting about the same circumference out of them. In which case for me, it comes down to whatever’s on hand. I do find the shorter sets with more needles a little less fiddly when working with tiny numbers of stitches like at the finish of a hat crown, but for a sleeve, which would be finishing off with 30-50 stitches, longer ones are just fine.

You can do most of a sleeve with a small circular needle, but toward the end, you’d likely want the DPNs unless you’re going to go with the magic loop method. Which I only use to do sleeves two-at-a-time, which is awkward when you’re working sleeves top-down from the body.

Thank you!

Magic loop!! Or two circulars. I use circular needles for flat knitting and most circular knitting. The only thing I use DPNs for are very small things. For hats I always use magic loop (which is done on one long circular) so I don’t have to switch to another method to close the top.

If you’re knitting a sleeve in the round I’m assuming it’s on the sweater. I have a set of 8" DPNs and almost never use them. With sleeves on sweaters there’s too much for them to snag on or get knocked out with. I do like them for socks.