I am just curious, I’ve practically given up on double points…but what does it exactly mean to join in the round?

To join is to connect the first stitch you cast on to the last, so you will make either a square or triangle, depending on the number of needles you’re working with. When you have finished casting on the desired number of stitches divided evenly over the needles the working yarn will be at the last cast on stitch, you will join it in the round by using the needle that isn’t in any of the yarn, the fourth or fifth, to knit the first cast on stitch with the working yarn. You will continue to knit around the needles and as you go you will be making a tube.

It means to connect the first of your stitches to the last, therefore forming a circle. Make sure your stitches are not twisted on the needles before “connecting”. That stitch could be a knit stitch or a purl depending on what your pattern says. And once the join is made, you are knitting “round” in a circle. Hope I haven’t confused you.

This page should pretty well explain it - http://www.knitpicks.com/content/index.php/cat/knitting-in-the-round/ and the videos for Small Diameter knitting under Advanced Techniques will show how to do it in motion.

I also made a video on You Tube, that might help:

I just wanted to add - Don’t give up!! They can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of them they are fabulous to work with.

Thanks to all!!!