DPN instructions - confused!

Hi - I’m trying to use dpn’s for the first time and am a bit frustrated. I’m attemping to start a hat (Ruched Beret from knitsimple mag.) and really don’t understand the instructions. It says that 5 needles are required for the pattern.

With one dpn, cast on 16 sts for top, leaving long tail. (I can do this!)

[B]Set-up row[/B]: With dpn #1, *K2, place marker, k2; rep from * for dpn’s #2, 3, 4. Join, being careful no to twist sts, pm for beg of rnd.

[B]Rnd 1[/B]: [P1, yo, p1] 8 times - 24 sts.

So do I cast on the 16, then move 4 sts each to #2, 3, 4, THEN do the set-up row? Or am I knitting the set-up row from the cast-on sts? Secondly, how do I join before beginning Rnd 1?

Thanks for helping!!

They’re having you cast 16 on the one needle and knit the set up stitches from there. So knit 2, pm, k2 with one needle. Do the same with needles 2, 3, and 4. There will be 4 stitches on each of 4 needles.

Now the needle on which you cast on will be empty.

You’ll knit into the first stitch on needle 1, using the yarn from the end of needle 4 to begin the first round.

Amy has video on joining dpns in the advanced techniques section.

Yes, this is a little unusual way to begin, but it is like Ingrid said. What is confusing is at the end of the set up row it says to join, but you will really join when you purl the first stitch of round 1 forming the work into a circle. After that first stitch place a marker for the beginning of the round (I’d choose a marker of a different color than the rest of them you used) then you will be ready to continue working in the round.

Thanks so much for the quick replies!