DPN hell

Why is the first row of DPN knitting have to be so hard? Straights, piece of cake. Circulars, not a problem. But DPNS are a total pain to get started. Once the first row is done, no problem. This is a reason why I want to do socks, but cannot seem to get past baby socks. Any suggestions about DPNS or sock knitting in general?

What is it you’re having trouble with? Is it the needles wanting to twist and turn when you join the ends? If it is, the best advice I found is to set the needles on a table to make sure none of the stitches are twisted and leave them in the table while you work through the first needle. It takes some getting used to, but after the first needle is done it’s safe to pick them up and continue knitting in the round.


You dont ever have to use DPNs ever again!!! If you are on Ravelry, there are hundreds of socks done on Magic loop. If your not familiar with magicloop, i suggest looking it up on Youtube. You can do regular adult size socks on magicloop with a 40" cord. Magicloop you can also do small things like sweater sleeves, mittens, and hats.

I too hate DPNS and would really suggest you look into doing magicloop . My first magicloop , succcessful adult sock was found on Ravelry, call Plain Vanilla socks. Nice and easy for a first time basic sock.

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All those crazy needles flying around, a mind of their own and no knit fabric to stabilize them. It helps to knit the first row or two flat on one of the dpns (if you don’t have too many sts) or on a circular or straight needle. Then knit onto the dpns. The extra rows give you some stability and you can use the tail of yarn to seam up the small opening.

Agreed, however knitting small circles on ML is a pain as well as you can’t really get into a rhythm IMO!

If you want to use DPN knit a few rows flat then it’s easier to join and knit. You can use the tail to seam that small bit that isn’t in the round when you weave in the ends.

IF I were going to socks on dpn - I won’t - I’d start at the toe with Judy’s Magic Cast On but others prefer Turkish or other closed cast ons. Nothing to join in the round. But I do my socks two at a time, toe-up, magic loop. Leashed needles are easily retrieved too.

I set it on a flat to make sure it’s not twisted for the join. After that I make sure a needle didn’t flip before going to the next. If I’m on DPNs I’m double knitting 2 socks so that may make it easier to see if one flipped.