DPN cast on method


I usually use a cable cast on. It works for me well and I like it. I use it so often that I hardly remember how ot use anything else :slight_smile:

I use it when I do circular. Now I am trying to do some sleeves in the row with DPNs. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I cant seem to make it work. It looks like ive some how flipped it around wrong if I try to keep going the same direction. And I cant seem to get it to join right.

So I did the cable cast on then started on the sleeve (its ribbed the whole way I dont know if that matters) and tried to join when I got to the end but that didnt seem right either.

Id have pictures but my lovely 18 month old son helped me NOT get one but pulling it out for Mama…its not been a good knitting night can you tell? :slight_smile:

Anyway…what cast on method would you use or recommend for a sleeve (60 cast on stitches) thats a 2x2 rib?

So far I have always and only ever used the long tail…I used to do the knitted cast on but it’s a pain in the arse for me now.