Dpn and intarsia

Does anyone out there know if you can work with dpn and do 2 color/intarsia knitting? I am making my second pair of socks, this 2nd pair has 2 color heel (flap) and toe area. the heel flap with the 2 color knitting went well, i.e., the secondary yarn did stay behind when i carried it across the heel flap, but when i went to carry one color up the length of the bottom of the sock, the (red- secondary) color was showing up on the outside of the sock, not the inside where i wanted it to go. I wound up just knitting the 2 colors together (white- primary color) and the red (secondary), because i felt the red and white ‘swirl’ would be on the bottom of the sock, and who would see this anyway? But now that i am approaching the top of the sock, where i should do more 2 color knitting, i wonder if i will run into the same problem, that the secondary color would not go behind the knit stitches.

Intarsia is done flat then seamed. It doesn’t work in the round unless you want to adapt it to a fair isle technique.

You can do a fair isle technique for the heel flap working both yarns at the same time but not together as you did.

Take a look at the videos under advanced techniques to see how both are done.

I did do the heel flap flat and then did the pick up and knit stitches , but now i have more color work to do, and your post said something about ‘seaming’ the work, so would i do more color work flat, and then do Kitchener to seam up the instep to the bottom of the sock?
i am trying to do the greek socks in Nancy Bush’s book, Folk Socks.

Is it these? If so then that is done with fair isle and you don’t need to seam because fair isle is best done in the round. When you do fair isle both (or multiple) yarns are carried across all the stitches. For long floats you ‘catch’ them. Watch this video and see if it helps. It sounds like you might not have been catching the yarn properly?


I did do the heel flap, which did have fair isle,and that went well, i am just confused with the foot area of the sock, probably because when i did the heel flap, it was really on one needle, so it didn’t seem like being in the round, and now at the foot area, it will definitely be in the round.
I decided to not cut the red yarn from the heel flap up to the toe area, and i think that started my problem of having the red yarn show on the outside of the sock. Incidentally, would you say these socks are for females, males or both?

I think they could be for either sex. They look like racing socks or something? I think it’s the checkered part that makes me think of that. :teehee:

Yep, that’s your problem. You can’t carry the yarn that far especially when the colors are so different. It should be cut and restarted. Yarn shouldn’t really be carried more than a few rows. It IS fair isle, not intarsia so it can and should be done in the round.

Thanks for all your help regarding these socks! I am new to the forum, but will try to post the socks when i am done with them.