Downsizing a sweater pattern from 12 months to newborn

I have a sweater pattern that I am working on and almost finished with. It is a 12 month size and I would like to make it in a newborn size.
It uses size 4 needles for the ribbing and size 6 for the body and sleeves.
If I use a 1or 2 for the ribbing and a size 3or 4 for the body and sleeves would this work ? it is being knit top down and very little shaping other than the cable on the fronts
For those interested in the pattern it is the Braided Cable bay sweater by Christie Hills, or whiteflowerneedle on Ravelery. I bought the sweater from her .:think:

Rav link to pattern
The Ravelry page says it has 0-6 months, would that work?
As it’s top down could you simply cast on fewer stitches to start and work fewer rows and increases before dividing for the sleeves? I think that should work.

It so cute! Somebody is going to love it.

Looking again I see that the size you are working on is available for free, the paid version has the different sizes. I also had the impression you’d bought the pattern. Did you buy an already made sweater instead?
As the measurements are given on the Ravelry page, adjusting the cast on based on your gauge should be fairly simple. Post your gauge numbers and I’m sure somebody can do the math. I’d just guess and start knitting, there wouldn’t be that much to frog if I realized an inch or so down I’d guessed wrong. That’s just me.

My PDF file of the pattern was corrupted, so I did go to Rvelery and downloaded it again from my library. Now I have the 0-6 month size . I will try it with the smaller needles and see how it works out. If my grandson can’t wear it,maybe his mom can donate it to one of her friends that works in hospital for a pre-mature baby to wear home.

Using the smaller needles with a worsted weight yarn may make the knit fabric too tight. You might try with a lighter weight yarn, a DK perhaps and see how that feels.

For the smaller size I thought about using sport weight or DK weight from Knitpicks. Since it is a bit smaller in diameter I am leaning toward the DK weight in the Swish line.