Downloading fonts

i just downloaded a free font (zip file) and saved it to my font folder. when i look at my list of fonts in word, it’s not there. shouldn’t it be? :shrug: i’ve always wondered how to do this, and i thought i had figured it out, but apparently not.

If it’s a zip file, you have to unzip it first.

Did you unzip the file? You should unzip it, and make sure it saves to the Font folder. You will probably have to restart in order to see it in Word.

Be VERY CAREFUL when downloading fonts! Many viruses are hidden that way, especially in zipped files! Be sure you get them from a source you know!

Then, go to your control panel in [B]classic view[/B] and check your fonts folder. YOu can usually just drag and drop the new font into that folder.

wow. you guys are quick. i thought it should be unzipped, but i never saw an option for it and usually it just does it automatically. how do i unzip it?

just checked the control panel and it’s not there.

You can download a free program to unzip files, like WinRar or WinZip.

You can also access your “Font” folder by go to C: (or Local Disk), then the Windows folder, then the Fonts folder. If you still don’t see it, right click inside the folder (but not on another folder) and go to Properties, and make sure that you can see Hidden folders.

on the left side of the screen you should see “Classic View”. Click on that and you’ll see a fonts folder.

sorry, i meant the font is not in the font folder when i look at in in the control panel.

That’s because it’s not unzipped. That folder only shows font files, and since your font is still zipped, it’s not a font file yet.

I’m guessing you have Windows. If so, do this:
Right click on your start button, click "Explore"
Click on your C drive, or whatever you main drive is… probably C
Click on the Windows directory
Click on the Fonts directory
Find the zip file
double click on it. this should open your unzip program, if you have one. if you don’t have one, try to right click on the file and see if there is an option to “extract”, “unzip” or something similar.

If this doesn’t help, go to and download the free version, then go back and double click on the zip file.

Hope this helps!

Half the time simply double clicking on the zip file icon (if on desktop) with prompt opening and then install etc. Try that first as it’s quick!

with=will sorry

Doing this has worked for several zip files for me but I have a Mac.