Download patterns

I love downloadable patterns. I know KnitPicks and Zephyr have some. Are there any more designs/designers out there that have downloaded patterns available?


Lynda M
1992-2006 Homer

If you go to (when the site comes back up; it’s been down for a couple of days) it marks patterns which are in PDF format with an asterisk. So you can download a bunch of the patterns on that site.

Good luck!

If you don’t mind paying, Glampyre has some (also a few freebies) and so does Wendy (?) at knitandtonic. Don’t have the links, sorry.


I typed in “downloadable patterns” in Google and got several. I’m sure there are lots more, too!

My favorite is KnitPicks, but you can get tons of free patterns Here.

I have a few on my site:

I have a few free and a few for payment at my site, listed below. is the Mother of all Freebies, there are over a thousand!