Doubts in some steps in baby booties

Hi all

I got a pattern for baby booties, but i have doubt in some steps and i know my doubts can be clarified here…

what is meant by this:
Work over 10 st. slip them on a holder
Work over 12 st. slip last 10 st. on a holder
Pick up 6 st. on each side then slip all st. on needle Knit for 1 and 1/2 inches.
Can anyone pls explain these steps in simple.


Is it an online pattern? It helps if we can see the pattern sometimes, too.

No Jan, its the pattern given by somebody, not found from online, I will try to post the pattern sooner…

I would work the pattern like this. Instead of putting the stitches on a holder, I’d but them on a double pointed needle. It saves a step.

Work the first 10 stitches onto one dpn.

Then work the next 12 stitches and slip the first 10 that you knit onto another dpn.

Leaving the 2 stitches on the needle that are left, pick up 6 stitches on each ‘side’. I’m not sure what each ‘side’ refers to without knowing what’s on the needle at this point.

If you’re to knit the cuff now, then I’d probably work them on the circs.

If you need to work flat, then slip all the stitches onto one needle, starting with the first set of 10, and ending with your working yarn at the tip.

oh i dont know to use double pointed needles… better instruct me by using single pointed needles pls…

It’s the same process. I think using dpns just for transferring the stitches is easier, but you can use stitch holders or a spare piece of yarn. I think the only reason you’re transferring the stitches is to make it easier to pick up the stitches that you need to.

You could also try knitting the first 10 and second 12 onto your regular needle and then pick up the stitches with a spare one. Then you can transfer them onto your original needle.

If it’s a pattern someone bought and gave you don’t post the whole thing. That would be a copyright violation. :wink:

Also… it sounds like the pattern is made for knitting in the round, but there are two needle patterns if you need one.

Here is the pattern which she gave me…

Cast on 32 st. k1 p1 4 rows
work pattern for 3.5 inches
work over 10 st slip them on a holder
work over 12 st slip last 10 st on a holder
knit on center 12 st for 1.5 inches
pick up 6 st on each side the slip all st on needle knit for 1.5 inches bind off
sew up soles and back seam.

This is the pattern, what is that holder, how will it be?
Now can anybody explain this in simple…


putting stitches on a holder just means moving them off your needles for a while so that you’re not working on them. You can use a safety pin if it’s long enough, or a spare needle, or an extra piece of yarn, or whatever you want. You’re just not going to deal with them for a while, so you need to get them off your needles. This is how you accomplish the shaping needed to make the booties.

oh ok Abbily, thanks for the explanation