Doubt with a pattern


I have some doubts about a pattern and I would appreciate some help.
This is the link for the pattern:
My problem with this pattern focuses on the size.
As you may see the smallest size has a 101,5 cm finished bust. I guess this is the size of the finished chest circumference.
My actual chest circumference is 90 cm and I’d like the sweater to not be too loose. Using the “favorite sweater” technique I need a 90 cm chest circumference.
Reading though the size given for this pattern and measuring myself and the size of the finished bust I want, I find a disagreement.
According the size to fist bust measurement I am a size small or medium but according the finished bust size I am not even a size small.
So, which size should I knit?

Great looking sweater.
It has about 10-15cm positive ease so it’s designed to be loose fitting. You should probably knit size small and even then you might want to take out some of the side panels.
You might look for a thinner weight yarn which would make the finished sweater smaller. Knitting a swatch is going to help also in figuring out the finished width, whichever yarn you choose.