Doubt about pattern instructions


I have been following a pattern for a top down pullover and I had a doubt about an instruction. It would be great if anyone could help me decide which one would be correct.

The pattern says:
“inc 8 stitches every 2nd row/rnd the following number of times:”

My doubt is about the “2nd row”.
While the setup row starts on the WS, which one would the first 2nd row constitute? Would it be the very row after the setup row, which would make it a RS row, or would it be the 2nd row after the setup row (2 rows after the setup row), which would make it a WS row.

Thank you in advance
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What is the name of your pattern?
The instruction is basically telling you to increase every other row. Most knitters prefer to increase on a knit row and most patterns are written with that in mind (lots of generalizations here!).
It’s honestly your preference. When you get to knitting in rounds, you’ll be increasing on knit rounds assuming this is stockinette. If so, then you might as well put the increases knit flat on knit rows to begin with. Whether you start those increases on the current row or one row later isn’t going to make much difference.

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In a pattern, setup rows aren’t usually allocated a row number. They are like a foreword in a book, I suppose.

So it would usually be:
Setup row: Do x, y, z
Row 1: Do a, b, c
Row 2: Do d, e, f

So when referring to “every second row”, that means “every second row of the body of the pattern instructions, excluding cast on, setup rows, etc.”

(By “body”, I mean “main part”, as in the body of the text.)

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Hello Salmonmac

Thankyou for the explanation. The pattern is from Ann Budd’s book - Top down Sweaters.


Thank you kushami, that makes sense :grinning:

Adult size women - Raglan style sweater (Weekday Raglan) - mentioned just in case you know the pattern.