Doubling/Tripling Yarn and Needlesize

Okay, so I have a pattern that requires a triple strand of chunky weight wool to be knitted on size 19 needles. I would prefer to use a double strand of a super bulky. Now I will be doing a test swatch to see the specific answer to this problem. But I am wondering if there is a formula to know what size needles to use when you double or triple yarn? I know you don’t double the needle size. Is there conventional wisdom on this?

Check out…I remember Vickie Howell talking about just that on an episode of knitty gritty!

Super! Thanks!

Here is the link that answers my questions for others that are curious!,2025,DIY_14141_3573121,00.html

I came across this and thought perhaps the tips on guage (scroll-down)would be useful to consider when doubling/tripling yarn.

Maryann :wink: