Doubling the size of a finished pattern

I working on making my own Game of Thrones dragon egg since all the ones I’ve found are a crochet pattern and I only know how to knit.

This is the pattern I’m using to make the base of my eggs.

[I]Cast on 11 st
K2, (m1, k1) x8, k1
K2, (m1, k1) x16, k1
St st x3 row (beg w/ p)
K3, m1, (k2, m1) x6, k3, m1, (k2, m1) x7, k3
St st x14 row (beg w/ p)
K3, k2tog, (k2, k2tog) x11, k1
K2, k2tog, (k1, k2tog) x11, k1
St st x3 row (beg w/ p)
K1, (k2tog) x12, k1
Cut yarn weave through ends, sew together, ect.[/I]

(Sorry for having to write the whole pattern out, unable to just put in the link since this is my first post.)

I used worsted weight yarn with US size 4 needles and ended up with an egg 3 1/2" tall and 3" wide. I’m wanting it at least double those dimensions. Would I just need to double the number of cast on sts and double the number of sts knit that are not in parenthesis and double the 12 rows of Should I also incease the number of single rows knitted too? (If it says to purl a row before another increase, should I purl a row, knit a row, and then purl another before working the increase knit row?)

Thanks in advance for any help

Is this something that will be stuffed? I’m asking because that’s a really small needle for worsted weight yarn. If you’re stuffing it though that’s good because it’ll be tight and stuffing won’t show through.

As for increasing I think you can just keep increasing in the same pattern till it’s the size you want at the halfway point then decrease. To decrease you’ll want to spread them out so it won’t decrease too fast.

Thanks for the quick reply Jan. Yes I will be stuffing it once I’m done.

Here’s the link to the original pattern. (The forum has a rule that you can’t post a link in your first post.)

I went ahead and rewrote the pattern out with every stitch count doubled and the 14 rows of st st doubled and just following the rest of the increase and decreases as stated in the pattern. I’m hoping this works and I get at least a 6-7" tall egg. (Fingers crossed)

You could also try a large needle to see if the fabric isn’t too loose. That would help.