Doubling the rib - help please!

Okay, I’m trying a grand experiment – I have a pattern calling for a CO of 61 sts for k1 p1 ribbing with the first stitch of each row slipped. I want to double the ribbing, as my yarn and needles are exactly half the gauge called for.

Double check me, please: I figure this means I’ll need 121 sts, not 122, because the rib needs to be an odd number…right? or would it be better to do 123? (I’ll be decreasing the number of stitches by half after the ribbing and some stockinette stitch rows and doubling the yarn to reach gauge in the pattern. :slight_smile: )

It depends. K1,p1 is a multiple of 2 so if you’re knitting in the round you have to stick to that or you’ll be off at the join. In this case it needs to be an even number.

If you are knitting flat you can have one extra stitch (odd number) if you want it to end in a k so it’ll match the other side. So…it depends on what you’re doing. As an example you’d have k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 … see?

Make sense?

Thanks Jan! Yes, it’s knitted flat, so it makes sense that she’s calling for an odd number – should I go 123, do you suppose, or 121, or doesn’t make any difference?

ETA: I have to laugh…I’m sitting here with the yarn on the needles, waiting for answers instead of knitting! Sometimes life online is really funny isn’t it!?

You might want to compare not just needle and yarn sizes but GAUGES as well! While it may [I]sound[/I] logical that using needles and yarn half the size suggested in the pattern you can simply double the number of stitches, but how can you be sure? Wouldn’t you hate to get close to the end of even the first couple of inches and find out your garment is going to be either too big or too small?

If I were you, I would do a swatch with the smaller needles and yarn and see how it compares to the gauge required in the pattern. Then proceed from there. That little extra time you take may make a BIG difference in your project!

Good Luck and let us know how it works out!

That “half” is from knitting the swatches and measuring the gauges, so I think it’ll be okay – hopefully it’ll turn out the same in the cardi! :slight_smile: