Doubling my yarn

Hi, I’m knitting a pair of slippers, and I want to double my yarn so that they’ll look thicker. I started making them and found that the yarns get all twisted together and as I tried to unravel I made more of a mess. Any suggestions. Thanks, Dusty

This also happens to me sometimes when I double yarn. I just occasionally twist the skeins or balls to get them unwound. I don’t know of a quick fix.

If they appear twisted on the needle, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to straighten them out, it won’t show. To minimize the strands twisting so much, put the balls in separate ziplock bags. And you still have to untwist. The easiest is to hold up your skeins and let the work on the needles dangle and untwist.

Why is the twisting a problem? You’re twisting the strands, though, when you turn your work every row. If it is really really bothering you, turn your work in a different way every other row instead of clockwise every time. Alternatively, every 20 minutes or so, start paying attention at the end of a row and turn it the way that will untwist the wools until you are happy.

Awwww, you gave away the secret…