Double YO Question

In a problem with a lace stitch effect in a post, someone had suggested the following:

“Your’re right the YO, K2tog on row 21 will not really make much of a size difference in the hole from what has been done in all the other rows. Maybe she would like the effect of doing a double yarn over and then working into the spot where the double yarn over is in the next row only once and letting the other loop fall off the needle. It will make a bigger hole that way. She could try it on a sample and see if it is more what she has in mind.”

I THINK this is a stitch that MIGHT produce an effect I’m desperately trying to do but I didn’t understand how to “work into the spot where the doubleYO is in the next row only ONCE and letting the other loop fall off the needle” so as to make a bigger hole. Can someone explain to me how to do this? I’m all for trying it to see if it does, in fact, give me a bigger “eyelet” that I’m seeking for a pattern I’m trying to design, but just don’t understand how it is done. Couldn’t find a video (maybe I just didn’t see it?).

As always, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

I wonder if that wasn’t something I said. LOL Do your double yarn over and then on the next row when you get to the double strand (loop, or whatever you want to call it) that is over the needle where you did the double yarn over, just work into the little leg of the loop that runs over to just under your right hand needle tip. You will likely be purling this row, but you could knit it or purl it as needed. Say you purl into that strand running back to the stitch under the RH needle, and just let all the rest of the loop stuff fall off the left hand needle.

Try to follow that step by step and see if it doesn’t make sense. Get someone to read it to you as you do it if you need to.


LOL… by george, I think it WAS you. Ha. Okay, just reading it I’m still confused BUT I will work it word by word on the needles here in a while to see if I can get it. THANK YOU!

When you come to the double yos on the next row, only knit (or purl) one of the loops and let the other one drop off.

It’s easy, just hard to explain. Maybe Sue’s use of fewer words is better. :slight_smile:

We’ll see… :wink:

You are right… it was much easier to stitch than to read. LOL. It was EXACTLY the stitch I wanted for this part of the design! THANK YOU!!! I’m so excited I could just squeel!:muah:

Yay! You got it!

Many times, just doing something with yarn and needles in hand is much easier than trying to visualize it in your head.

Well, I had to have you guys’ guidance to know WHAT to attempt with my yarn and needles. From there, I followed Ingrid’s words of wisdom you see in her signature, “TRUST the pattern” (the pattern in this case being your instructions for this DoubleYO).

Thanks SO MUCH!!!

I’m glad it worked and that it was just what you needed. :cheering::thumbsup:

I learned knitting on my own, most of what I know about it, I figured out just by playing around with the stitcks and string, trying out pattern stitches and different things with no particular project in mind. That’s how I learn, others are different, but I encourage all new knitters to just [B]play[/B] with the yarn. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work out, so you rip it out and try it another way.