Double-yarn knitting

Help please -
I have a pattern that I’d like to knit but can’t find correct gauge yarn that I like. I need 3.25 st per inch on 10 - 10.5 needles. Question - if I use double a yarn that gives 5 st to an inch on size 5 needles, would that work? Is there a way to figure the conversion?
Thanks in advance!!

However you can get 3.25 stitches per inch will work. You might have to play with yarn and needle size, but try doubled yarn on the size 10 needles first and see what your gauge is.

If you have too many stitches per inch, then you need to make them bigger with a larger needle.

If you have too few stitches per inch, then you use a smaller needle.

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Yes, the 5 sts per inch doubled should come out to about what you want, but try it on the needles and change if necessary. Here’s the mathfor it if you want to understand why so you could apply it in the future. According to the article it may end up about 3.5 sts per inch, so a little small. But you can go up in needle size to get 3.25 spi.

Dear Suzeeq,
Thanks for the link to the math. I’m off and happily knitting!!!
Thanks again!

You will need to swatch with both yarns you plan to use. That’s the best way to know if it will be the right size. If you don’t get the stitches per inch you need, swatch again with smaller or larger needles.

I’ve never found that two strands of thinner yarn looks as nice as one strand of proper thickness yarn. IMO it can work with some bigger, fluffier yarns because they sort of “meld” together (visually), but with smoother stuff it really shows. It all depends on what you’re working and what you like, I suppose, but I’d prefer to adjust my needle size or get new yarn rather than double up.

I want to make this hoodie jacket “into the woods” from Drops Design:

I would like to find some yarn that I can get in New Zealand as delivery from elsewhere is unreliable at the moment. The required tension is 11st and 15 rows to make 10cm X 10cm. The colours available in “super chunky” do not appeal. I have experimented with three strands of four-ply and the suggested 8mm circular needles and the tension square has come out the correct size . . .

The pattern calls for 1050gms of wool (50gm balls of 50metres each) for the medium size. How much wool/acrylic yarn will I need if I am using three strands of 4ply?

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If you’re on stitch and row gauge working with 3 strands, triple the meterage.
1050 gms is 21 balls. At 50meters per ball that’s 1050 meters according to the pattern.
You’ll need 3150 meters, maybe a few extra balls to be safe.

Thanks - I now feel ready for a committed shopping trip!