Double/Tubular Knitting Q- Multiple colors

I would like to make a color block afghan. I have decided to knit 2, and put together to make an extra thick piece. I was wondering if it is possible to knit it using the double knit or tubular knit method (K1, YF, Sl1 purlwise, YB, repeat across).

My question is- is it possible to knit with more than one color per row? Like intarsia, but knitting front and back at the same time in one “tubular” piece. Does anyone know of this technique and know how I can do this? I am not sure about changing colors and how that will affect the tube???
Below is a link to an earlier post I made regarding this afghan w/pics of what I am trying to achieve. Basically, it is different size blocks of different colors with a border around each block.

I do not think you can knit one solid color on the front and one solid color on the back using this method of double knitting. At some point the other color has to be incorported onto the other side for it to work so the colors are bound or woven together. But maybe someone else who is more familiar with double knitting can help you.

What if I double knit with knit A, purl B, etc. How can I knit with multiple colors in a row that way?

I’m not sure what exactly you mean you are trying to do?
If you want to change colors so that the color that was on back is now on front, you just switch so you knit with the back color and purl with the front color, instead of the other way around.
If you want to switch so that you have colors A, B, and C on the front and D, E, and F on the back, you just join the next yarn to the old yarn as you would for a single-side item. Whichever you add on to replace your main color yarn is now your main color yarn.
Does this make sense?

I did mean use colors A, B, C on front and D, E, F on back. Can I do that for the knit 1, yf, slip 1, yb, repeat across- pattern for tubular knitting, or will that only work for knit with A, purl with D- pattern for double knitting?

of course you can double knit it!

first off, there is the Hoover blanket (search the archives of its a knit in one go blanket.

then search my archive (on blog) --Mid april to mid may (07) for some info on double knitting, including a tutorial, a YouTube (for 1 style of cast on (i also write about 3 others)

i tend to make potholders (though anyone on ravelry can check out my projects, i am oftroy there too, and see my vest and one of my hats)

and what are pot holders but ‘blocks’?

if you are on ravelry (or live in NYC area) there is
1–a ravelry group for double knitting
2 a class scheduled at Knitty City (west 79th street) on double knitting.–i forget the instructors name, but i am impressed with his work!

when i double knit, i tend to do Jacquard (2 color, both sides of work meshed) work.

but you can also so "motifs’ (the 2 sides are only linked together at perimeter of design) or textured (knit and purl) designs.

there is a double knit pattern for Horizontal stripe on side A, vertial stripes on side B too!

info and resourses on double knitting is sparce and scattered… the internet might be your best resourse!

I have searched the internet for many hours and have found nothing on double knitting multiple colors in a single row. If you click on the link I provided to my previous post- you will see the image of what I am trying to achieve. Each side of the blanket will have multiple colors on each row making up the interlocking color blocks of the blanket. The Hoover Blanket is just blue, no other colors. This blanket will have color blocks of varying shades of blue. Please check out the pic.
Just want to confirm which method I can use for this- tubular knitting, which I prefer becuase it seems much easier OR double knitting, which is a little more difficult. I would love to be able to knit this via tubular method. Knit 1, yarn front, slip 1 purlwise, yarn back- repeat across. Please advise.


look at these images–from falling box on flicker–

it can be done! (this is the guy who is teaching a class in NYC in january… he lives in cambridge, and he also teaches in the area…
more info --but no photos on his blog

and as for the big blocky design, it would be even easier, you’d work intartia style… (and would only use 2 colors at atime)

it might be easier to make 2 afghans, but yes, you could do it double knit style if you really wanted to!

So it can be done…but how??? And by which method…tubular knitting or double knitting???

I know that I said I want A, B, C on front and D, E, F on back, but I actually want mirror images- the same colors in the same places on both the front and back. If I do K1, Sl1 tubular knitting, that will happen when I knit the slipped stitches on the other side. I just want to know how I can do this with multiple colors in a row! Can I just change colors like I would normally would when knitting flat? What happens to the slipped sts on the other side? Has anyone done this or know of how to do this?

Does anyone know how I can do this with slip stitch - tubular knitting? How would the color changes work?

Please help!!!

i wouldn’t do a slip stitch double knitting but rather a 2 yarn(even if they are the same color!) double knitting…

and for how to do it? i don’t really know.

it would be like intarsia, (say knit the dark navy “border” then at some point switch to a light blue… (the switch would be intarsia like twists)

make a place mat… (a smallish item ) and try it out…

you want to do something original… and one of the drawbacks is, its never been done before --or is infrequently done!

the “How to” are what you have to figure out!

if the small baby blanket/place mat is too much work, well that is someting you can make with cheap cotton, (and a $4 to $6 investment in 4 to 6 colors) and hardly a loss if it doesn’t work out.