Double thick hat?

I have a friend with a baby and I would love to make him a pumpkin hat for halloween. The hat i want to make is in the round and it’s stokinnette (SP?) anywho, it’s super easy and i could make it in my sleep. I wanna use up the wool in my stash but it’s not soft enough for his head. So, I thought, i’ll use my orange acrylic and line it with this fluffy white yarn I have. I dont really know how to do it though. I want to do it all at once (like i don’t want to make two hats and sew them together) and i know someone on here does that all the time. Does it make sense? I only want the white on the inside, so it’s double thick but made all at once. I hope im explaining it properly. I seem to remember a name for this tecnique and everything. Help peeps! I know you can.

I’ve made one where I did a provisional cast on, then knit one hat. When it was done I picked up the stitches and knit the other. Then all you have to do is secure the tops together. If your yarns are different weights you may have to do some figuring though… :think:

Well here’s the idea.

Double knitting?

Using different yarns you wouldn’t have a problem getting your strands confused :slight_smile:
If there was a gauge issue you might get around it by knitting the right one on the inside (because your sides are generally not the same gauge and it varies for different people which one is looser).

I think you mean double knitting
you knit the outside at the same time as you purl the inside (thus the knit side is on the inside of the hat, then purl layers face each other)
it easy once you wrap your brain around it
Knit orange, Both yarns front, Purl White, Both yanrs back, knit Orange, yadda yadda, yadda
you can even make 1 or 2 random stitches swap every 4 rows or so to tack the sides together

hope this helps and does not drive you screaming to the hills never to try Double knitting again


ive actually tried double knitting and i did like it but its been a while. Does anyone have a demo link? And how would i adjust the gage? Or would i? I love this site! Everyone is so helpfull.

Click on view videos and then advanced techniques. About half way down the page is a double knitting instructional video.

Happy knititng!


Good luck - double knitting is one of my favorite techniques, so far I don’t think I can give you any advice beyond what has already been said but if you have trouble feel free to pm me!

I think my inside layer comes out larger. It doesn’t matter whether I’m knitting out both sides or knitting out on one and purling out on the other.
So I would put the yarn that comes out smaller on the inside.

Mike - the two layers, if you have the same guage on both inside and out, will come out the same exact size. Two things exactly the same size don’t fit inside of each other too well, but fortunately knit stuff is stretchy so that isn’t an issue.
But, yeah… wouldn’t put the bigger guage stuff on the inside!

I’ve made one hat like that where you finish for one side and then pick up stitches around the bottom to start the other side as a mirror version of the first. Next time, I’m going to try starting at the top of one hat, work my way down to the bottom and then up again with a second color for the other side. It should look like a flexible football. If the colors don’t turn out to change exactly on the bottom edge, one side will just have a contrasting trim around the bottom. Or that could be done deliberately. Maybe it’ll work. I hate picking up stitches when it’s not really necessary.